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Wednesday May 18, 2022 - 12:45 pm

Blockchain Futurist Conference Continues To Grow with ETHToronto Hackathon as part of Canada’s Largest Blockchain Event

Witness a futuristic immersive experience at Blockchain Futurist Conference, Canada’s largest cryptocurrency and blockchain event being held from August 9-10th, 2022 at Rebel Entertainment Complex & Cabana, Toronto, Canada. This larger-than-life event will be held inside the 45,000 sq foot social playground and includes access to the outdoor cabana area of the spectacular waterfront venue. Connect with over 5,000 people from the crypto, blockchain, NFT,…

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Tuesday May 10, 2022 - 11:15 am

LQwD FinTech Corp. (TSX.V: LQWD) (OTCQB: LQWDF) Joins Visa’s Fintech Fast Track Program, Creating Better Opportunities to Scale Payments Industry

Visa will provide its extensive network of payment experts to assist LQwD (and other fintech companies) who join the programLQwD is currently operating ten global nodes on the Bitcoin Lightning Network - France, England, Sweden, Singapore, Italy, Indonesia, Germany, Ireland, the US, and IndiaLQwD launched its proprietary PaaS platform in November 2021, working to lower transaction fees and facilitate faster transaction timesThe cryptocurrency market is…

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Friday May 06, 2022 - 11:39 am

LQwD FinTech Corp. (TSX.V: LQWD) (OTCQB: LQWDF) Releases New Lightning Network Node in India, Leveraging Growth of Cryptocurrency Use in the Area

The global cryptocurrency market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.8%, to reach US $4.94 billion by 2030The increase in cryptocurrency adoption worldwide has shown explosive market growth and the increased need for transaction facilitation like LQwD's PaaS protocol on the Lightning NetworkIndia ranks number two in the adoption and use of cryptocurrencyExperts in the cryptocurrency industry estimate that India has more than…

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Friday Apr 29, 2022 - 9:30 am

Tingo Inc. (TMNA) Pioneers an ESG Approach Within the African Continent

Women in Africa have often suffered from severe gender disparity; over a third of Africa’s female rural population have never accessed formal education with less than 24% having access to the Internet via a mobile deviceTingo, Inc’s agri-marketplace platform, Nwassa, as well as its TingoPay payments system have sought to provide the company’s millions of stakeholders with the ability the means to achieve digital financial…

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Thursday Apr 28, 2022 - 9:15 am

LQwD FinTech Corp. (TSX.V: LQWD) (OTCQB: LQWDF) Lighting Network Nodes Continue Showing Positive Growth; Network Featured at bitcoin 2022 Convention

The bitcoin 2022 convention took featured over 450 speakers, with more than 3,000 companies represented during the eventLQwD currently has 10 active nodes on the Lightning Network – France, England, Sweden, Singapore, Italy, Indonesia, Germany, Ireland, India and the USBy 2030, the Lightning Network could see more than 700 million users leading to as many as 364 trillion transactions per year Presented by Cash App,…

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Tuesday Apr 26, 2022 - 9:30 am

GreenBox POS (NASDAQ: GBOX) Furthers Growth Strategy with Acquisition of Billion-Dollar Merchant Portfolio

GreenBox has secured an estimated $1 billion merchant accounts portfolio following the closing of an asset purchase agreement with Sky Financial & IntelligenceThe company reported approximately $2 billion in total processing volume for the full year 2021, meaning the acquired portfolio formed a significant part of GreenBox’s growth success story during the last financial yearAlready, GreenBox has recouped $14.5 million of the purchase in the…

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Tuesday Apr 26, 2022 - 9:00 am

As Fiat Currencies Experience Devaluation and Cryptocurrency Continues to Gain Favor, LQwD FinTech Corp. (TSX.V: LQWD) (OTCQB: LQWDF) PaaS Offers Fast Bitcoin Transactions, Lower Fees

Countries facing high rates of fiat currency devaluation are considering the purchase of cryptocurrency as a more stable alternative The Lightning Network facilitates faster transactions for cryptocurrency and is also a low-fee alternative for sending and receiving paymentsLQwD has ten public nodes on the Network: in the U.S., India, Ireland, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Singapore, Sweden, England, and FranceHighest capacity node is in the U.S., with 5.689273640…

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Wednesday Apr 20, 2022 - 9:15 am

Tingo Inc. (TMNA) Paving the Road to Better Future for African Farmers, and Doing it with Social Consciousness

Tingo has built its business from a little start-up selling ring tones into an agri-fintech giant by bringing technology to uplift the underserved rural farming market in NigeriaThe company has multiple partnerships in motion designed to provide financial inclusion and opportunities for small-to-medium size enterprises that fall under the UN guidelines for Sustainable DevelopmentWith annual revenue more than $850 million currently, Tingo is seeking to…

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Wednesday Apr 20, 2022 - 9:00 am

GreenBox POS (NASDAQ: GBOX) Completes Acquisition of Transact Europe; Expands Growth Potential for Clients Across Borders

Transact Europe has highly sought-after licensing, including principal level membership of Visa, worldwide membership of Mastercard, and principal membership of China UnionPayGreenBox’s acquisition provides a fertile foundation for its stablecoin project, coyniClients of GreenBox will now have easy access to the tools they need to take their business across borders GreenBox POS (NASDAQ: GBOX), an emerging FinTech company experiencing rapid industry growth, recently announced that it…

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Tuesday Apr 19, 2022 - 9:00 am

LQwD FinTech Corp. (TSX.V: LQWD) (OTCQB: LQWDF) CEO Shone Anstey to Present at Noble Capital Markets’ 18th Annual Investor Conference in Florida

The three-day convention will consist of 120 public company presentations with 480 presentations and breakout sessionsDuring breakout sessions, LQwD can be found at Table 12The webcast of LQwD's presentation will be available the day after on LQwD's website, Noble Capital Markets' Conference website, and Channelchek investor portal.LQwD launched its platform as a service (“PaaS”) offering in November 2021 and has since launched nine nodes worldwide…

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Wednesday Apr 13, 2022 - 9:15 am

GreenBox POS (NASDAQ: GBOX) Releases Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2021 Results

On March 31, GreenBox POS released the financial results for the three months (“Q4 FY 2021”) and full year (“FY2021”) ended December 31, 2021Company achieved record revenue in 2021 of $26.3 million, an increase of $17.8 million or 208.6% from $8.5 million in 2020   The Q4 FY2021 results build on Q3 2021 figures in which the company reported year-over-year growth in both transaction volume and revenuesThe…

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Tuesday Apr 05, 2022 - 9:15 am

Blockchain Africa Conference 2022 Opens New Avenues For E-commerce and Business Opportunities

At the juncture of a socio-economic revolution, Africa is open to new opportunities and possibilities forthcoming in the global blockchain ecosystem. Keeping in mind the scope and interest in blockchain and cryptocurrency in the region, Bitcoin Events organized the 2nd virtual and 8th annual edition of the Blockchain Africa Conference on March 17-18th, 2022.  The Blockchain Conference witnessed 1964 attendees from 113 countries, on a…

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Thursday Mar 31, 2022 - 9:15 am

reBLOCKmiami to Showcase Top Trends and Where Real Estate, Crypto, and Blockchain Spaces Meet

On April 5, 2020, beginners, advocates (anyone interested in moving the real estate blockchain space forward), and professionals making a mark in the real estate sector – developers, brokers, traders, policymakers, financiers, startups, and agents – will congregate at the magnificent Hilton Miami Airport Blue Lagoon hotel for the reBLOCKmiami event, set to run from 8.30 am through 5.00 pm. The goal is to learn…

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Wednesday Mar 30, 2022 - 9:15 am

Bitcoin Miami Kickoff Party Brings Together Key People In the Crypto, NFT, and De-Fi Industry, for Ideal Networking

The Bitcoin Miami Kickoff Party taking place on Monday, April 4th, is the kickoff event for the reBLOCKmiami conference being held Tuesday, April 5th, at the Hilton Miami Airport Blue Lagoon, and is the perfect pre-conference kickoff atmosphere for making critical initial contacts while having a great time, especially if you are an entrepreneur, attorney, CPA, or investor in the Crypto, NFT, or De-Fi industry. …

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Thursday Mar 24, 2022 - 9:00 am

LQwD FinTech Corp. (TSX.V: LQWD) (OTCQB: LQWDF) Committed to Driving Bitcoin Adoption via Lightning Network Offering; Network Tripled Capacity in 2021

The Lightning Network provides instant payment transfers/settlement times, scalability, low costs/fees, and works across blockchain with the same cryptographic hash functionThe Network’s capacity grew from 1,089 BTC to 3,479 BTC in 12 monthsLQwD’s active public nodes on the Lightning Network include France, England, Singapore, Sweden, Italy, Indonesia, Germany, Ireland, and the U.S. and collectively have a value of 10.21604901 BTC (US$429,153.33) and 183 active channels…

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Tuesday Mar 22, 2022 - 9:00 am

LQwD FinTech Corp. (TSX.V: LQWD) (OTCQB: LQWDF) Launches New European Routing Nodes, Now Providing Nine Active Nodes on Lightning Network

LQwD has recently deployed additional routing nodes in Europe, namely in Italy, Sweden, Ireland, England and FranceSince the US-West deployment in November 2021, LQwD has seen 157 nodes interconnected with more than 158 transaction channels over 10 Bitcoin through all channelsArcane Research predicts that there will be as many as 700 million Lightning Network users by 2030The global cryptocurrency market is expected to reach US$4.94…

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Monday Mar 14, 2022 - 9:30 am

Tingo Inc. (TMNA) Aims to Expand Solutions Across Africa; Intends to List on NYSE and Become a Truly Continental Business with Global Reach

Tingo is looking into expanding market footprint across 19 African countries in a bid to scale its impact across continentCompany has grand plans for the future, including listing on New York Stock Exchange to become a pan-African company with global outlookWith unrelenting commitment to combine value creation for shareholders with inclusive growth, Tingo remains focused on reshaping the face of agribusiness across Africa Widely regarded…

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Tuesday Mar 08, 2022 - 9:15 am

LQwD FinTech Corp. (TSX.V: LQWD) (OTCQB: LQWDF) Launches Indonesian Lightning Network Node; Sees Growth Across All Active Nodes

Since launching the first node in late November 2021, LQwD has seen 127 nodes interconnected with more than 130 transaction channels, routing close to 10 Bitcoin through connected channelsLQwD currently has four active nodes – US-West, Singapore, Germany, and IndonesiaLQwD's PaaS was launched November 17, 2021, creating a scalable approach to sending and receiving payments worldwide with lower fees and ease of access on the…

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Monday Feb 28, 2022 - 9:30 am

GreenBox POS (NASDAQ: GBOX) and Cross River Join Forces to Create First Banking-as-a-Service Initiative

GreenBox will build the first banking-as-a-service initiative, catapulting the company into the same playing field as other major FinTech-driven brandsCEO Fredi Nisan said the initiative will be a game changer for the company, expanding its capabilities and potential customer base, while also serving as a significant driver of revenue growth The partnership will provide additional services to existing clients on a single, seamless platform with a…

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Friday Feb 25, 2022 - 9:00 am

LQwD FinTech Corp. (TSX.V: LQWD) (OTCQB: LQWDF) Nodes Showing Positive Growth, While U.S. Seeks El Salvador Accountability Over Bitcoin Legal Tender Decision

The company has seen positive growth over the last seven days, increasing channels and value within the nodes active in The Lightning NetworkLQwD has opened itself for the international market – with Germany and Singapore nodes opened recentlyThe European and Asian markets are only the first steps to the company’s goal of becoming the number one Lightning Network facilitator Three prominent United States Senate members…

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Wednesday Feb 23, 2022 - 10:00 am

ISW Holdings Inc. (ISWH) Nears Phase 1 Completion of Significant Southeastern US Cryptocurrency Mining Project

Phase 1 of Southeastern project designed to pair 56,000 mining rigs with 200 megawatts of powerISWH already undertaking engineering, planning on the next sites to be developed in early 2022ISW Holdings seeks to consolidate position as a leading purveyor of digital currency and crypto-mining support services ISW Holdings (OTC: ISWH), a global brand-management holdings company with commercial operations in renewable energy cryptocurrency, is nearing completion…

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Wednesday Feb 23, 2022 - 9:45 am

GreenBox POS (NASDAQ: GBOX) Looking to Drive Adoption of Its Blockchain-based Payment Solutions through Targeted Communications

GreenBox POS CMO Jacqueline B. Reynolds recently appeared on The Wild West Crypto Show hosted by Crypto Cowboys Drew Taylor and Brent BatesReynolds emphasized the need for businesses to adopt technologies that improve user experience, convenience, and make work easier; GreenBox offers blockchain-based, cost-saving, fast payment technology that companies can useReynolds, however, noted that businesses and individuals alike are apprehensive about adopting such technology owing…

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Friday Feb 18, 2022 - 9:00 am

ISW Holdings Inc. (ISWH) Provides Shareholder Update on Tremendous 2021, Game-Changing 2022

Company reports revenue run rate has begun to exceed internal and publicly stated expectationsPhase one of ISWH’s Southeastern U.S. project to pair 56,000 mining rigs with 200 megawatts of power is slated to go liveISWH is poised as an emerging disruptor in the crypto asset, hosting, mining and Blockchain IP markets ISW Holdings (OTC: ISWH), a global brand-management holdings company with commercial operations in renewable…

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Friday Feb 18, 2022 - 9:00 am

GreenBox POS (NASDAQ: GBOX) Surpasses Projections with Record 2021 Processing Volume of $1.95 Billion; Appoints Seasoned Cross-Functional Management Expert as Chief Operating Officer

GreenBox POS has released preliminary unaudited 2021 results wherein its revenue and transaction volume grew by more than 200% and 800%, respectivelyThe company’s processing volume outstripped its initial projections of $1.85 billionGreenBox recorded a transaction volume of $1.95 billion in 2021, while its revenues increased to at least $26 millionGreenBox recently appointed organizational and strategic leadership veteran Mr. Min Wei as its Chief Operating Officer…

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Wednesday Feb 16, 2022 - 11:55 am

Amid Growing Interest in Cryptocurrencies, LQwD FinTech Corp. (TSX.V: LQWD) (OTCQB: LQWDF) Roots Growth in Lightning Network Success in 2021

Arizona and Wyoming have introduced proposals for their states to introduce tax payments by digital currencyIndia is working toward incorporating a digital rupee, including the implementation of a 30% tax on income earned from digital currency investments to begin during 2022LQwD's growth is centered on the success of the Lightning Network and the expected growth during 2022 The future of Bitcoin, including applications that are…

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Monday Feb 14, 2022 - 10:15 am

LQwD FinTech Corp. (TSX.V: LQWD) (OTCQB: LQWDF) Releases International Nodes; Bitcoin Payment Ecosystem Market Expected to Reach US$880 Million by 2026

LQwD currently has three public nodes on the Lightning Network – US-West, Singapore, and FrankfurtLQwD’s first launched node, US-West has already experienced positive growthThe company plans to release more international nodes in the future, facilitating its goal of being a prominent payment processor worldwide LQwD FinTech (TSX.V: LQWD) (OTCQB: LQWDF), a fintech company focused on creating enterprise-grade infrastructure to drive bitcoin adoption and the development…

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Thursday Feb 10, 2022 - 9:00 am

Tingo Inc.’s (TMNA) Core Subsidiary Tingo Mobile Set to Launch Multi-Million Dollar Fund to Support Female Farmers; the First Grant Awarded to Female Fungus Farmer

Tingo build on strong focus on gender equality, encouraging women in business as core value while engaging thousands of women agents in NigeriaCompany set to launch fund to award grants mainly to female farmers and inspire new generation of leadersTingo to continue supporting Nigerian farmers as economic empowerment is considered key to achieving continent's socio-economic transformation Tingo (OTC: TMNA) has been long known for supporting…

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Tuesday Feb 08, 2022 - 10:59 am

How Tingo Inc. (TMNA)’s Digital Technology Seeks to Change Farming in Africa

Tingo has made it its corporate mission to transform the way rural business in Africa is conducted, thereby helping millions of people across Africa improve their economic prospectsThe company has based their business model around several key tenets, namely – the provision of technology through its unique ‘device-as-a-service’ model, access to financial services through TingoPay and access to market through Nwassa digital Agri-MarketplaceAlongside its corporate…

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Monday Feb 07, 2022 - 11:34 am

GreenBox POS (NASDAQ: GBOX) Launches Massive Bulk ACH Processing Vertical as it Focuses on Increased Shareholder and Customer Value, Overall Processing Volumes via Company’s Gen3 tech

GreenBox POS will begin offering bulk Automated Clearing House (“ACH”) processing capabilities to merchants utilizing its innovative blockchain and smart contract technologiesACH payments offer an affordable alternative when compared to traditional debit and credit cardsGreenBox POS CEO Fredi Nisan stated that bulk ACH processing offers a new, profitable multi-billion-dollar revenue stream for the companyThe launch will secure the company’s ability to continue providing meaningful value…

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Wednesday Feb 02, 2022 - 1:13 pm

Payments Solution Innovator GreenBox POS (NASDAQ: GBOX) Set to Build on Growth Momentum from 2021, Announces UK Fintech Acquisition along with Stunning Results for New Subsidiary

GreenBox POS is an advanced blockchain technology payment solutions provider focused on expanding its FinTech portfolio through strategic acquisitions in the United States and internationallyThe company acquired key assets during 2021 that demonstrate its commitment to expand its balance payment solutions for point-of-sale retail as well as e-commerce opportunitiesGreenBox announced this month that it has reached a binding agreement to acquire a licensed payment institution…

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Monday Jan 31, 2022 - 1:52 pm

Decentralized Status of Lightning Network Discussed at Keyfest 2022; LQwD FinTech Corp. (TSX.V: LQWD) (OTCQB: LQWDF) Achieves Significant Growth Since 2021 Acquisition

Keyfest 2022 prompted the question as to whether the Lightning Network is decentralized – the very essence of the layer 2 protocol overlay of the blockchainUnlike fiat currency, which is ultimately governed by The Federal Reserve, Bitcoin’s Lightning Network is comprised of nodes and channels with no direct governing bodyThe success of the Lightning Network since January 2021 is driving LQwD's drive for the new…

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Wednesday Jan 26, 2022 - 12:00 pm

LQwD FinTech Corp. (TSX.V: LQWD) (OTCQB: LQWDF) and Lightning Network Could Benefit Immensely by Bitcoin’s Potential as Hedge Against Inflation

Bitcoin is becoming increasingly popular, having already been adopted as legal tender by El Salvador in 2021, and being bartered for incentives in other areas, such as Rio offering a 10% discount when taxes are paid in BitcoinInstead of spending, some crypto owners (HODLers) are holding crypto in high-yield savings accounts, collecting up to 12% APY interest – benefiting despite the volatility of the coinLQwD…

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Wednesday Jan 26, 2022 - 11:30 am

DigiMax Global Inc. (CSE: DIGI) (OTC: DBKSF) CryptoHawk Provides Power Predictive Tool to Provide Insight into Volatile Crypto Trading Space

CryptoHawk is designed to monitor, analyze cryptocurrencies to predict price trends and alerts traders when change occurs     DIGIMax recently added Altcoin Radar to its CryptoHawk trading tools arsenal to detect unexpected fast rises The world of crypto trading is known for its volatility, with wild fluctuations within the market. DigiMax Global's (CSE: DIGI) (OTC: DBKSF) CryptoHawk, one of the world’s most powerful and complete crypto price…

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Tuesday Jan 18, 2022 - 1:19 pm

GreenBox POS (NASDAQ: GBOX) Releases Record-Breaking Q3 2021 Financial Results; Expands Management Team; Hosts Year-End Update Call

In August, GreenBox celebrated a monumental milestone when it processed over $1 billion in transaction volume for all of 2021GreenBox’s year-to-date processing volume grew to $1.4 billion as of September 30, 2021 The company reported $8 million in revenue and $5.6 million in gross profit in Q3 2021GreenBox appointed Paul Levine as CEO and Co-Founder of Coyni stablecoin spinoff company, Robert Houghton as CTO, and Jacqueline…

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Tuesday Jan 18, 2022 - 9:00 am

LQwD FinTech Corp. (TSX.V: LQWD) (OTCQB: LQWDF) Provides Corporate Recap After Successful Six Months Since Acquisition

LQwD is the first publicly traded Lightning Network companyIn November 2021, LQwD launched its proprietary SaaS, a Lightning Network software platform to lower transaction fees, more efficient liquidity, and seamless use of the global payments' infrastructure The platform also helps complete transactions with lower wait timesSince January 21, 2021, the Lightning Network has seen over 100% growth in multiple areas of development LQwD FinTech (TSX.V:…

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Monday Jan 10, 2022 - 11:39 am

As Bitcoin Marks 13th Anniversary, LQwD FinTech Corp. (TSX.V: LQWD) (OTCQB: LQWDF) Works Toward Widespread Cryptocurrency Adoption via Lightning Network PaaS Offering

Bitcoin saw many different milestones during 2021, including surpassing $1 trillion in market valueLQwD launched its PaaS,, on November 17, amidst the Adopting Bitcoin – A Lightning Summit in El SalvadorThe Lightning Network has seen explosive growth since January 2021LQwD’s corporate and operational update highlights several of the company’s achievements regarding funding, agreements to drive Bitcoin adoption and own Bitcoin deployment to procure additional…

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Friday Jan 07, 2022 - 9:30 am

GreenBox POS (NASDAQ: GBOX) Is ‘One to Watch’

GreenBox POS reported $8 million in revenue for Q3 2021 on $540 million processed transaction volumeGreenBox’s guidance for FY2022 forecasts processing volume of at least $4.9 billionThe company’s planned spinoff of its coyni smart contract token technology is expected to accelerate revenue growthGreenBox shareholders will have an opportunity to benefit from dividends in the coyni spin off IPOThe company’s Board of Directors recently approved a…

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Tuesday Jan 04, 2022 - 12:03 pm

LQwD FinTech Corp. (TSX.V: LQWD) (OTCQB: LQWDF) CEO Shone Anstey Discusses Lightning Network Future, Own Company’s PaaS Offering in Gamechangers LIVE(R) Podcast

The podcast is hosted by Executive Coach and Speaker Sergio Tigera, who spent half an hour discussing Anstey’s cryptocurrency past, present, and future The LQwD CEO shared his unique perspective on the journey, mindset, struggles, and successes accomplished The PaaS offered by LQwD was released November 17 and makes Bitcoin’s Lightning Network easy to use and allowing for low fees, faster transactions and the ability to make…

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Monday Dec 27, 2021 - 9:48 am

Bitcoin Predicted to Cross US$100,000 Value Threshold; LQwD FinTech Corp. (TSX.V: LQWD) (OTCQB: LQWDF) Leverages PaaS Offering for More Efficient Transactions

Experts in the cryptocurrency field have made predictions that foresee the value of Bitcoin going over US$100,000 by 2023, with some even seeing us on the brink of higher value jumps by January 2022, making holding and use by the general public more temptingThe cost and speed of completing transactions has been a problem when conducting business on the traditional blockchain, but the Lightning Network…

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Monday Dec 20, 2021 - 12:57 pm

LQwD FinTech Corp. (TSX.V: LQWD) (OTCQB: LQWDF) Leveraging The Bitcoin Lightning Network’s Growing Popularity to Expand Dedicated PaaS Offering

The Bitcoin Lighting Network, for efficient bitcoin transactions, is seeing more players who are interested in providing an offering that is low fee and instantaneousIt is estimated that 700 million users will be utilizing the Lightning Network by 2030LQwD’s proprietary platform-as-a-service offering is designed to simplify users’ access to the Lightning Network and make it far easier to complete faster, more affordable transactionsWhile LQwD remains…

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